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Nature Workshops:
I now have the knowledge to bring outside learning into my daily class routine!

"The information I learned from Bonnie at the outdoor learning workshop was invaluable. Bonnie is a passionate educator who provides insightful and practical ideas to get children outside exploring. We measured trees, made nature parfaits and took time to be present in our learning.  After this workshop, I feel I now have the knowledge and inspiration to bring outside learning into my daily class routine. Bonnie shared games, languaging, how to present boundaries, how to call in the crowd and inspired us to embrace risky play. She taught us engaging songs and filled us with a plethora of resources. I am so grateful to be a witness to her wisdom. I appreciated every moment of the workshop. I would absolutely recommend this course for any educator, parent or person working with children. Thank you, Bonnie!"

Anna Pye, Elementary School Teacher, Victoria, BC

Singing English Workshops:

What an enjoyable day!

"As a speech-language pathologist, I found the songs, interactions and social opportunities excellent for facilitating language skills in the children I work with. I was also pleased to realize that there will be applications for children with hearing loss, apraxia and autism. I look forward to implementing these newly learned skills in my own clinic. Thank you so much for this valuable information, Bonnie. What an enjoyable day!"

Yvonne Oliveira, Speech-Language Pathologist, Audiologist, and Auditory Verbal Therapist, Hear Say Speech and Hearing Centre, Toronto, Ontario


I enjoyed this the most!

"Of all the workshops I have taken in the past 5 years I have enjoyed this the most. Thank you so much, Bonnie. You were so well organized and made me feel so comfortable."

Shelley Josey, Senior Programmer, Eastern Shore Family Resource Center, NS



"Bonnie, this has been a very enlightening workshop. It is taking music to a whole new level, incorporating it into literacy. You are a pleasure to listen to. It's been a very fun and informative day!"

Sharon Korosi, Grade 1/2 teacher, Ottawa, Ontario


Thank you for sharing your enthusiasm and expertise!

"The experience you have with these techniques really shows and your energy is contagious. I particularly appreciate how these activities can be adapted for different populations and for children varying levels of ability."

Tracy Lowe, Music Therapist, Victoria, BC


I enjoyed everything about this training!

"I feel I can take the method learned here back to my centre and introduce it very easily. I enjoyed everything about this training! It was a lot of fun and educational as well. The instructor was excellent. I believe it is a well thought out program and introduced excellently."

Virginia Raftus, Tot Meeting Place, Halifax, NS


Language Acquisition!

"I particularly liked learning how phrases in songs relate to spoken phrases, and how singing the songs will aid in language acquisition."

Christine Wosilius


Confidence and Trust

"I have long been aware of the connection between singing and literacy skills and it is affirming to be a part of a research system of pedagogy. Bonnie, you have very good interpersonal skills and build confidence and trust quickly which enables the participants to learn as they are able."

Libby Fraser, Institute for Human Services Halifax, NS


What a great addition to my program!

"I particularly liked learning how phrases in songs relate to spoken phrases, and how singing the songs will aid in language acquisition. What a great addition to my program!"

Christine Wosilius, The Cridge Centre, Victoria, BC


Excellent Workshop! Thanks!

"I especially liked that we had the opportunity to participate in the activities and that there were always ways to adapt the songs and activities to suit different groups. I also love the booklets that accompany each song, as a way to remember how to use them"

Meghan Humber, education student, York University, Toronto, Ontario



"After attending Singing English training, I feel confident that I could use these strategies easily with a group of children, adapting the words and difficulty level to meet their needs"

Callie Cooper, Early Childhood Development Officer, Early Childhood Development Services

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